Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shibuya Kaidan 1 (The Locker I)

There is an urband legend circulating around Shibuya regarding its coin lockers. Rumor has it that by placing a gift and a prayer in a coin operated locker, your chances of catching the boy or girl of your dreams is miraculously enhanced. Thus young people throughout Shibuya eagerly place their gifts inside these lockers and wait for the romantic outfall. There will soon be another legend circulating, one of a haunted locker which, once opened, brings a terrifying curse. Shibuya Kaidan tells the tale of how six young people unwittingly open this pandora's box and find themselves within a nightmare of hauntings, madness and possession.

Sitting around a campfire, our six main characters (three boys and three girls) swap spooky stories until Reika (Mizukawa Asami) hears an infant's cry coming from the woods. Unable to hear it, the other five giggle at Reika's vulnerabililty to getting scared after such campfire stories and quickly shrug the incident off. Returning to Shibuya the next morning, they all walk to a rather remote collection of coin lockers under the Shibuya station to retrieve the handbags the girls left behind before the trip. On their separate ways home from the station, two of the others, Akihiko (Wada Toshihiro) and Ai (Suzuki Mayuka) hear an overpowering cry of an infant's voice and feel a wave of terror spread over them. When the group meets together after a couple days, both Akihiko and Ai have turned up missing and are not answering their calls. A visit to Akihiko's apartment brings them face to face with a psychotically terrified Akihiko, who screams in terror as his spine literally snaps from no apparent cause as they look on in horror.

Asami Mizukawa ... Rieka Yajima
Shûji Kashiwabara ... Ryôhei Miyano
Chisato Morishita ... Yûna Matsukawa
Mayuka Suzuki ... Ai Fukami
Tomohisa Yuge ... Keitaro Takahara
Fumina Hara ... Megumi Muramatsu
Maki Horikita ... Ayano Kubo


Price: Rp 6.000


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