Friday, December 3, 2010

Manatsu no Orion (Last Operations Under the Orion)

"Last Operations Under the Orion" is a World War II naval action film directed by Tetsuo Shinohara and based on Tsukasa Ikegami's novel "Raigeki Shindo Juukyuu-ten-go". Heartthrob Hiroshi Tamaki plays a submarine captain, and Keiko Kitagawa appears as both the hero's love interest and his present-day granddaughter.

The final days of World War II - the ocean southeast of Okinawa. The Japanese last hope is entrusted on i-77, the last of the deployed submarines to strike at the U.S. Navy's fuel-supply lines. Takayuki Kuramoto (Hiroshi Tamaki), Commander of the i-77 is up against Mike Stewart, the captain of the U.S. destroyer Percival who has the finest record U.S. Navy. As the i-77 and U.S. destroyer Percival begin a mutual hunt, the two captains bring all their knowledge and power to bear as, with lessening supplies of torpedoes and depth charges, they battle. Kuramoto the lives of his young crew members in his charge, is forced by the difficulties of battle into a serious decision. With Midsummer Orion, a piece of music sheet, in his breast pocket, he sets out on a final battle that will mean life or death. August, 1945: the fuse is lit on a final battle to the limits of mind and body.

Tamaki Hiroshi
Keiko Kitagawa
Yoshikuni Dochin
Yuta Hiraoka
Masaya Kikawada


Price: Rp 6.000


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