Monday, January 31, 2011

Fure Fure Shojo (Fure Fure Girl)

In Kensaku Watanabe‘s Cheer Cheer Cheer!, Yui Aragaki plays Momoko: a shy, lonely girl who spends her spare time reading romantic fantasy stories. When she develops a huge crush on her school’s star baseball player she comes up with the perfect excuse to watch him play every day: reviving the school’s nearly-defunct traditional cheer squad. However, the only people she can get to join are a bunch of misfits and losers. Although Momoko never lacks spirit, their cheering begins as a disaster. It isn’t until they discover the true meaning of “cheering” and develop a new-found passion for it that they begin to truly inspire the people around them.

Yui Aragaki as Momoko Momoyama
Tokio Emoto as Jôji Endô
Kento Nagayama as Ryûtarô Yamamoto
Takashi Naitô as Genzô Yanagihara
Yoshiki Saitô as Taihei Ôtsubo
Shôta Someya as Akira Tamura



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