Monday, February 21, 2011

Stranger of Mine (Unmei Janai Hito )

In one long Friday evening, Takeshi Miyata (Yasuhi Nakamura), a straight-arrow businessman, will encounter a number of people (some only fleetingly) who have intertwining fates. The plot of the film is presented in succession first from the point of view of Maki Kuwata (Reika Kirishima), a young woman disappointed in love, then from Takeshi's point of view, then of his friend, Yusuke Kanda (Sō Yamanaka), a private detective, then of Takeshi's former girlfriend, Ayumi Kurata (Yuka Itaya), then of a wannabe-tough Yakuza, Asai (Kisuke Yamashita).

Yasuhi Nakamura as Takeshi Miyata
Reika Kirishima as Maki Kuwata
Sō Yamanaka as Yusuke Kanda
Yuka Itaya as Ayumi Kurata
Kisuke Yamashita as Asai



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