Friday, March 4, 2011

Joudan Ja Nai!

Genre: Comedy
Episode: 11
Broadcast: 2007-Apr-15

A forty-year-old man has married a pretty woman 20 years younger than he is. However, with their marriage as a turning point, his fate dramatically changes. The mother of his newly-wed bride is his old lover! What is worse, the mother voluntarily moves herself in with the newly weds. Their newly married life, which would have been honey-sweet, is becoming a roller-coaster ride. This is a comical drama portraying the triangle with reason of these three people. --TBS
Oda Yuji as Takamura Keita Ueno Juri as Takamura Ellen
Naka Riisa as Hirose Karen Otake Shinobu as Hirose Rie


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