Friday, June 24, 2011

First Kiss

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episode: 11
Broadcast: 2007-Jul-09

In this romantic comedy, Inoue Mao stars as a selfish girl named Fukunaga Mio. Because of a serious illness, she lives in the U.S. for medical treatment. Before undergoing an important operation, she returns to Japan, where she meets the older brother she has been separated from since her parents’ divorce. She finds Kazuki (Ito Hideaki) leading a good-for-nothing life, but he shows his seriousness when he resolves to find a way for Mio to experience her first kiss. Hiraoka Yuuta plays the love interest, a rookie doctor.

Inoue Mao as Fukunaga Mio Ito Hideaki as Kano Kazuki
Hiraoka Yuta as Yuuki Akio Matsuyuki Yasuko as Takagi Renko



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