Friday, July 22, 2011

Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru (Heavenly Forest)

The story begins with Makoto Segawa, a freshman at Meikei University. On the day of his university entrance ceremony, Makoto meets a fresh-faced, quirky, under-developed girl named Shizuru. Makoto has a complex which causes him to shy away from contact with other people, but she succeeds in getting him to open up to her naturally.
All Shizuru wants is to be with Makoto, so she takes up his hobby of photography. The two spend their days together taking photos in the forest behind the campus. However, Makoto has feelings for another student named Miyuki. Shizuru decides that if Makoto likes Miyuki, she wants to like her too. However, she keeps hinting to Makoto that she will grow up to be a beautiful woman, and he will be sorry for not picking her. One day, she tells Makoto that she wants to take a photo of them kissing in the forest as a present for 'her birthday'. He obliges for her sake, and they kiss in the forest.
After this, Shizuru unexpectedly leaves school and is not heard from again for two years, when she sends Makoto a letter asking him to come to New York to see her photography exhibit. By then Makoto has broken up with Miyuki because he has decided he really loves Shizuru and will wait for her to return. When he arrives in New York, he is greeted by Miyuki, and finds out that Shizuru was hiding her disease from him, and she has died. He goes to the exhibit and sees many photos of himself, and a huge photo of Shizuru all grown up and beautiful, as she had foretold. There is also the photo of the two of them kissing in the forest, with a caption saying that this was her one true love.

Aoi Miyazaki as Shizuru Satonaka Hiroshi Tamaki as Makoto Segawa
Meisa Kuroki as Miyuki Toyama Misa Uehara as Saki Inoue



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