Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sunadokei (Sand Chronicles)

"After her parents’ divorce, Ann (Kaho) moves to the small rustic town of Shimane with her mother. Though she has trouble adjusting to the life in the country at first, she gradually settles in and becomes good friends with local lad Daigo (Ikematsu Sosuke). But Ann’s world comes crashing down when her mother suddenly commits suicide. Daigo stays by her side during these hard times, and the two gradually fall in love with each other, but they are forced to part ways when Ann’s father shows up to take her back to Tokyo. Twelve years later, Ann (Matsushita Nao) returns to Shimane…

Nao Matsushita as Ann Minase - Adult Kaho as Ann Minase - High School Student
Shunya Isaka as Daigo Kitamura - Adult Sosuke Ikematsu as Daigo Kitamura - High School Student



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