Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tennen kokekko (A Gentle Breeze in the Village)

Eighth-grader Soyo lives in a very small rural village of Japan where the primary and middle school share a building for all of 6 students. They spend a happy childhood together playing around the village. Osawa, a boy from Tokyo, transfers to this school. Soyo and Osawa exchange their first kiss through a small incident and naturally become a couple. Adults have their problems but for children, the festival in summer, hair styles, and the ghost tale about a woman who died on the beach are far more important. There is no glamour but the time of purity passes never to be forgotten.
Kaho as Soyo Migita Masaki Okada as Hiromi Osawa
Erisa Yanagi as Ibuki Taura Shoko Fujimura as Atsuko Yamabe



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