Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sono Toki wa Kare Ni Yoroshiku (Say Hello for Me )

Satoshi Toyama (Takayuki Yamada) owns an aquatic plants shop named "Trash" and lives a normal life in a quiet small town. One snowy night a girl by the name of Suzune Morikawa (Masami Nagasawa) drops by the shop, answering a "part-timers wanted" ad. He later finds out that she is a world famous model. As they spend time together, Satoshi slowly begins to remember Karin Takigawa and Yuji Igarashi, his childhood best friends, the times they spent together and the long lost promises that were made..
Masami Nagasawa - Suzune Morikawa / Karin Takigawa Takashi Tsukamoto - Yuji Igarashi
Takayuki Yamada - Satoshi Toyama Keiko Kitagawa



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