Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tennen kaju Sayaka (Sayaka The Cute And Careless Girl)

Sayaka Tsuzumi is a pure and dainty girl with a big H-cup bust. Being a virgin but curious about sex, she's so into daydreaming that she even moans over a hotdog. She adores Yuki Ito, the handsome athlete and school idol, but she's almost given up on him thinking he's totally out of her league. But one day he comes to her and says, "Would you tutor math for me before the exam?" Is he asking for a date or what? If she does it, then what?? Sayaka can't stop her imagination. Meanwhile, she makes friends with three girls-- Sora Aoki, Rin Ayakawa, and Shinobu Sakai-- all in the same year with her and yearning to have sex. The four establish a group, the Virgins, but what would their activities be in an age of lust? Finally, Sayaka is invited to Yuki's house. She's so excited, but what will she do?
Yui Iwata Naofumi Kaneko
Mika Kasahara Kanae Kibe


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