Monday, April 30, 2012

Rebirth (Youkame no Semi)

A woman named Kiwako (Hiromi Nagasaku) abducts a baby from a man whom she has had an affair with. For four years Kiwako raises the child as her own until she is arrested. The child named Erina is then returned to her birth parents, but she can't find peace. As an adult, Erina (Mao Inoue) also becomes involved with a married man and becomes pregnant. To confront her past, Erina goes to Shodoshima where she lived with Kiwako as a child. There Erina discovers a shocking truth and is forced to make a decision ...
Mao Inoue as Erina Akiyama Hiromi Nagasaku as Kiwako Ninomiya
Tetsushi Tanaka as Takehiro Akiyama Yoko Moriguchi as Etsuko Akiyama


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