Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Legal High

Genre : Law, Comedy Resolution : 848x480
Episode : 11 Format : MP4
Broadcast : 2012-Apr-17 Subtitle : English Softsub

Komikado Kensuke (Sakai Masato) passed the bar exam while studying in the law faculty of a third-rate university and opened a law firm. A person with character defects, he is cranky, caustic, temperamental, cynical, proud and spendthrift; loves money, prestige and women. Because of that, he has the worst reputation within the legal profession. But he has never once lost a case and will do whatever it takes because of his conviction that “winners are right”. The people around him are skeptical of his way of doing things. However, Komikado gradually realises that his vision of justice is a pipe dream, and begins to remember the spirit of fighting and not giving up that he had forgotten. Mayuzumi Machiko (Aragaki Yui) is an earnest rookie lawyer who has a strong sense of justice and is passionate about the socially vulnerable but tactless and inflexible. A strange turn of events result in the two of them working together as colleagues, but the two of them fight like like cat and dog, and clash over almost everything.
Sakai Masato as Komikado Kensuke Aragaki Yui as Mayuzumi Machiko
Namase Katsuhisa as Miki Choichiro Koike Eiko as Sawaji Kimie
PV: Ono Erena - Erepyon H 264 1440x1080 SSTV HD
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