Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tokkan - Tokubetsu Kokuzei Chōshū-kan

Genre : Drama Resolution : 848x480
Episode : 10 Format : MP4
Broadcast : 2012-July-4 Subtitle : English Softsub

Miki Suzumiya (Mao Inoue) begins work as a tax collector at the Tokyo National Tax Service. Miki Suzumiya wanted to become a public officer because she thinks it will be a stable job. She soon finds herself very busy collecting from delinquent taxpayers.
Miki Suzumiya goes to the home of Minagawa (Masanori Ikeda), because he hasn't payed taxes for the past 6 moths. Miki faces strong resistance from Minagawa and his wife Mariko (Hitomi Sato). When Miki can no longer stay and is about to leave,her colleague Yuko Nabeshima (Sawa Suzuki) and a strange man appear. The strange man is Masachika Kagami (Yukiya Kitamura), a special tax collector designated by the National Tax Service and called a Totkan. He mercilessly enforces execution of the attachment. Miki's boss Chojuro Kaneko (Tetsuhiro Ikeda) later tells Miki to follow Masachika and she does so reluctantly.
Mao Inoue as Miki Suzumiya Yukiya Kitamura as Masachika Kagami
Haruka Kinami as Chisa Nanbu Sawa Suzuki as Yuko Nabeshima


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