Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo

Genre : Drama, Family, Romance, Comedy Resolution : 1280x720
Episode : 11 Format : MP4
Broadcast : 2012-Oct-10 Subtitle : English Hardsub

19-year-old Saeki Urara (Takei Emi) comes to Tokyo. Rei’s redeeming traits are her cheerfulness and distinctive positivity, but everything she does is always unheard of and unsuccessful. Because this foolhardiness causes trouble to the people around her each time, she ends up being called a girl who is unable to read situations. Urara moves to Tokyo with neither a dream nor goal, and is reunited with her father Suzuki Takuya (Watabe Atsuro) who abandoned her mother Sayuri (Horiuchi Keiko) and her 15 years ago. Although she opposes her father for making her mother miserable, his dissolute life rouses her into action. “This won’t do. I’ve to make this person happy or I can’t move on with my own life!” And so, she runs about with the aim of getting her father remarried in her first experience living in Tokyo. With cheerfulness and positivity, she overcomes various difficulties and slowly changes the people around her too.
Emi Takei as Urara Saeki Shohei Miura as Daisuke Tamagawa
Atsuro Watabe as Takuya Suzuki Takashi Tsukamoto as Koichi Sakurai

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  1. wahh.. nih film asyik kyknya dari sinopsis ama covernya.. boleh lah buat ngisi waktu luang.. :D