Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yuusha Yoshihiko to Akuryou no Kagi

Genre : Comedy, Drama Resolution : 848x480
Episode : 11 Format : MP4
Broadcast : 2012-Oct-13 Subtitle : English Softsub
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100 years after the devil king was overthrown by the legendary hero, Yoshihiko, someone breaks the devil’s seal and the world is once again about to fall into the hands of evil. The devil starts to intimidate Cavoy, the village where Yoshihiko grew up. Yoshihiko has already left this world and there is no heir. The villager elder gathers the young people who will travel like Yoshihiko once did, but none give their names. As the people yield to despair, they hope for the birth of a new hero to defeat the devil. Meanwhile, an emissary called Ordan from the distant land of Laurasia comes to Cavoy with surprising information. It appears that Yoshihiko’s grandchild is in the village. Hearing this, the village elder immediately sets out to search for this grandchild and tries to get him to set out on another heroic journey … …
Yamada Takayuki as Yoshihiko Kinami Haruka as Murasaki
Sato Jiro as Hotoke Takuma Shin as Danzo


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